YES- Yozy Enterprise Suite: A complete End-to-End solution for your Enterprise automation

  • February 18, 2022
  • admin
Today, organizations need reliable access to data across the departments. This is not only important for small businesses but enterprises are even more pressured to acquire the best possible data management processes and ensure stable development. Most of the enterprise’s faces the major issue on connecting and collaborating multiple departments using multiple systems. Acquisition of multiple products & licenses which leads to higher cost. Hardship on maintaining consolidated information in a single platform or a single system. Integrating multiple system becomes overhead and results in product level issues. Employee suffers while switching between applications for their day-to-day activities ends in productivity loss.

How Yozy Enterprise Suite (YES) is beyond the HRMS

Let’s begin: we’ll define “Yozy Enterprise Suite” and explain how it differs from other types of software. Our Yozy Enterprise Suite (YES) is an Enterprise application, which is developed to automate end-to-end process of an Enterprise from Presales, Talent Acquisition Management, Employee Experience, Work force Management, Agile project management, Performance Management, Policy portal, Finance Management to IT service Management. It supports multiple function of an enterprise & developed as employee centric in mind across organization. YES motto is “OEOP - One-Enterprise One Platform” The importance of having an excellent single unified console supports bulk data upload and data migration from legacy platform. It is easy to consolidate and collate multiple departments such as HR management, Finance management, Talent management, IT service management in a single platform. Yozy offers end-to-end application suite designed to optimize the entire Onboarding-to-Final settlement cycle of which the system includes recruitment management, employee onboarding, performance management, time management, and learning management capabilities.

What are the key Advantages of our YES?

  • The platform provides flexibility to extend and adopt changes as per Customer / Enterprise needs
  • Cost effective due to cut in license and infra cost of managing multiple systems
  • Enhanced business workflow and niche UI features
  • No need to acquire multiple software for tracking
  • Seamless employee self-service portal
  • Our production is ready to use which is secure and scalable architecture. It is a single point of contact reduces multiple hops in case of dealing platform level issues, simply no back & forth discussion between multiple teams.