Talent Acquisition Management

  • May 05, 2022
  • admin
Finding and hiring the right people is a crucial element of an organization's business plan. Sourcing new talent, scheduling interview and running back around the interviewer for feedback, acquiring new resource are tedious process evolved in talent acquisition management. Both talent acquisition and talent management are different modules but complement each other under a common HR department. In this article we’ll focus on how it’s different from other HRMS & talent how it works. YozY Enterprise Suite (YES) automates complete end-to-end process of Talent Acquisition module. From finding & mapping appropriate candidate till onboarding him as an employee in an organization. The stages of Talent acquisition module are listed below

How it works?

Resource Requirements -Based on the organization demand resource requirements are posted. Manager and Talent Acquisiton department head will approve the requirement. Demand may be of replacement / New / Backup role.

Internal / External referral – Both Internal / External referrals are also encouraged. Even other job portal / campus candidates can be added in the candidate form. Candidate list will be created based on the post resource requirement & interviews will be scheduled as per the time being.

Schedule Interview – Effortless process of scheduling interview and notifying the interviewer. It helps interviewer to priortize and prepare themselves for the

Interviewer Feedback – Interview results are updated by the interviewer in the feedback form. Complete feedback list has been created to coverup all the aspects about the candidate. In accordance with selection furthermore rounds will be conducted or interview will be ended.

Offer Letter – The offer letter will be generated automatically for the selected candidates with a single click.

Candidature Form – After the acceptance of offer by the candidate, candidature information sheet need to be filled for future reference & maintained at the backend.

Employee Onboarding – Voila, just a single click finally candidate onboarded as employee in an organization.

Separate unique employee ID and password are generated. Seamless and hassle-free flow in recruitment process since it is completely automated and candidate will be onboarded successfully as an employee without any hurdles. All under one roof no need to acquire separate software or product for managing HR management work.